Here are things we must pay attention to when the child is approaching the exam

Here are things we must pay attention to when the child is approaching the exam

Breakfast with nutritional fulfillment.

Children should be accustomed to having breakfast before leaving school to meet their energy needs while participating in teaching and learning activities. Breakfast with the fulfillment of the best nutrition that we can strive for is certainly yes.

Good nutrition does not always have to be expensive food right. The important thing is to fulfill the elements of carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, and minerals. If possible, add milk.

Especially before the exam, the fulfillment of nutrition must be our concern to better support their thinking power when facing the exam later.

Give vitamins or food supplements.

Not all children like to eat vegetables or fruits even though they are big. Even though vegetables and fruit are very important in maintaining health. One solution is to provide vitamins or supplements as the main food companion.

Vitamins also function to increase the body’s immunity against disorders or prevent minor ailments. Especially in the rainy season like this sometimes they are in the rain when they go or go home from school. Vitamins here can also be honey or other traditional medicines.

With preventive measures against diseases that might attack our child, it is expected that when the test arrives they will always be healthy and there will be no health barriers.


With the increasingly dense learning activities of children, surely they will easily feel tired and lack enthusiasm. Invite them to exercise regularly even for a while. Can walk in the morning or do light movements repeatedly. It might only be around 15 or 20 minutes, but it’s good enough to make them refreshed.

If this is done every morning, it is certain that the children will be more physically fit when facing the test later.

Get enough rest.

What do our children do once they get home after school? Lunch, prayer, homework, watching TV or … holding a cell phone ??

Frankly, I don’t know what my child is doing after school, because I work. But I can guess. Yup … !! Hold the cell phone.

And that can be done for hours later. Forget everything. Prayer must be reminded many times.

And what about the habits of the sons and daughters of friends? If it is the same as my guess for my child, then we must start changing that habit from now on. At least until the exam ends.

Reducing mobile phone activity.

Just reduce it is not prohibited at all. With the intention that the time usually to hold the cell phone for hours can be diverted in part to study or rest.

We cannot forbid children not to use cell phones even before the exam. You know, today, almost all of our children’s communication uses social media via cellphone. Whether it’s WA, Line and other forms of social media. Maybe ask homework or group assignments.

Give relaxed time without learning.

Tell the child that Sunday is a free day of study. They may do whatever they want without touching the textbook. For example … Read More

Reduce doing things that are less useful

Reduce doing things that are less useful

Maintain health

The main thing that really needs to be considered is your health condition. From now on, consume foods that are healthier and more nutritious! Eits, not only regulate your intake, but you also have to control your rest time. Lessor less, staying up late is less important. If there is a task, it’s best to finish it as soon as Nujiang in so you don’t have to stay up late. Don’t forget to be accompanied by sports. If you don’t have time to go to school, joining a car-free day on Sunday is a fun idea. The effect is not only testing against the National Examination, but also the long term. Who doesn’t want to live long?

Follow all study programs provided at school

The school will hold tutoring programs, tryouts, additional lessons, and more. All of these programs are certainly very useful in preparing your preparation to face the National Examination. So, don’t miss it if you have tutoring.

Create a comfortable learning atmosphere

Learning will be more fun if your mood is also good. Therefore, a comfortable learning atmosphere is needed in accordance with your personality.
For example, studying in the garden behind the house, a clean and quiet room accompanied by aromatherapy, and so on. When you are comfortable, surely you can be more at home and study learning.

Taste all the questions

From the praises, the type of test questions for the National Examination is the same. The more often you practice, the more accustomed you will be to problems. From now on, make it a matter of your best friend. If you find it difficult to answer questions, you can try the online learning application from Ruangguru! Photograph the questions that you feel are difficult, then upload them, and later there will be a teacher who helps solve your difficulties. In addition, if you forget the subject matter in the question, don’t worry

Group learning

Studying on your own in Nujiang in is sometimes rather boring. Try to invite some of your friends who can make your learning environment more relaxed and fun. But things to remember, don’t talk too much and joke until you forget the main purpose, which is learning.

Reduce doing things that are less useful

Starting now, you have to reduce habits less important. For example, hanging out for hours after going home from school, spending too much time in front of the television, or playing games that don’t get over to being finished. Hopefully, it can be a good habit!

During exam preparation, learn to hold back. One of them is, it doesn’t open social media too often. Every now and then it is possible to check for updates or post your latest activities, but don’t end up for hours! This is done so that your attention does not turn to anything else. If you are of the type that is rather difficult to focus on, Nujiang in participating in intensive learning will help you focus more.… Read More

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In Hong Kong the place each English and Cantonese are official, both languages are taught at school and are necessary subjects. Those in favor of bilingual training in America’s faculties, argue just the alternative. Alternatively, Section 23 gives a virtually universal right to English-language schooling for the kids of Canadian-born anglophones dwelling in Quebec.… Read More

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