If you don’t know much about Abode and living in a green house, you are like me 10 years ago. Back to the 2000s, I did not know much about the concept of green house and what contribute to the house like that.

Luckily, when I was about to built my house and looking for new materials, one of my friends came to me and offered me the concept of adobe house.

I was so puzzled at first. The first question is what is actually green adobe house?

green adobe house

The technology that was used to build my house was quite complicated at first. But thanks to recent changes in innovation and developments, you are able to have access to many unique techniques such as radiant heating system built directly into the concrete as well as fiberglass for extra insulation of your house.

Painting is another important feature of a green house. All of the painting layers, both the external and interior paintings are of non volatile organic compounds.

I don’t know much about the technologies and techniques behind what was used to make my house by the benefits of living in this type of house come pretty clear to me. In fact, I am more interested in knowing about why I should live in a green adobe house rather than how to make a green house. After all, this is not my job.

So here are the benefits of living in a green adobe house that I have encountered for the past 10 years of living in it:

  1. It Is Warm In The Winter

Warm In The WinterAs you can see, the heating system is very innovative. I live in an area where it snows for most of the time in the winter. But with the modern way of heating and providing insulation, the house I live in can assure the constant warm temperature inside the house all the winter. Not to mention that I don’t have to pay a great deal for the electric bill.

  1. It Is Cool In The Summer

It is warm in the winter but it is still very cool in the summer. With the special layers of painting and concrete, not only the temperature but the humidity of the house is kept constant all day in the summer as well.

  1. There Is Not Harmful Compounds Lying In The Air

Another great thing about living in a green house is that you don’t have exposure to harmful chemicals and compounds from paintings. As you might know, the volatile organic compounds can impact negatively to our health, making us feel sick and increase the risk of getting cancer.

Therefore, with no chemicals spreading around in the air, the quality of indoor air inside the house will be improved and of course your health will be much better than when you live in a normal house.

  1. It Is Environmental Friendly

There are 2 things that can tell you why living in green house is good for the environment. First, you are able to save a lot of energy for heating and cooling.

Secondly, all of the materials used to build a green house is also good for the environment as well.

I have to tell you that, I live the concept of living in a green house so much I have never regret any moment about the decision I made back to the day I built my house. I also try to recommend this type of living and house design to any people that come to me for advices on building new house.

Environmental Friendly

The next generation is about living sustainably and friendly towards the environment and nothing can show your contribution as much as living in a green adobe house. Not to mention that it can help you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you money you have to pay on energy. Another advantage is that you have access to a high quality indoor air with no chemicals.

I hope with all of the information I provide here, you will be encouraged to take on the legacy and start to build a new house- I am sure that just like me, you will soon recognize that this is the best decision you would ever made.