Honey is a nutrient capable of extremely effective antimicrobial; it fights infection and is a measure of remedy acne, pimples. If you want to use honey for caring your face skin. In this article, I will you help you have the best face wash for acne prone skin 2016. Furthermore, the antioxidants found in honey help the body to improve the digestive system against harmful bacteria in the gut. With whitening, honey which is considered as a “bleached” natural, and vitamins A, E, C and trace minerals help maintain moisture, making skin firmer.

Turmeric has long been known for disease prevention effects, more technology with thousands of skin beauty benefits to women. In turmeric contains great cur cumin content, this is a beautiful work to great skin, fades scars, bruises and helps the skin naturally beautiful. Effects of honey beauty and technology do not stop at the treatment of stomach pain, but also help women beautify the skin, acne, bruises on the skin effectively. The combination of honey and turmeric is a smart solution to give your skin a youthful, vibrant and charming.

Beauty facial moisturizer with honey

facial moisturizer with honeyIn the process of skin care and beauty face, the moisture plays a very important role, skin fully moisturized will become smoother, more full of life, against the signs of aging more efficient, it help absorb nutrients nourish the skin a lot better and the natural materials used to moisturize skin probably does not have that kind of material which promotes moisturizing effect, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial skin, nourish skin cells both efficiently and suit most skin types as honey you.

How this is done is quite simple, you just beaten 1 egg white and stir in 2 teaspoons of honey and apply it on your face gently combine massage, relax for 30 minutes and then wash your face with warm water to feel the skin is optimally moisturized, clean and airy, smooth and firm the word “technology” facial beauty with honey

Does honey mask effect for the skin?

1. Healing, prevent scarring

healing, prevent scarringHoney contains antimicrobial ingredients, anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious nature, using masks which use honey hygiene wounds, relieve pain and pus, promoting rapid healing of wounds. At the same time, the nutrients and vitamins in honey help replenish the skin, leaving no scar.

2. Moisturize the skin and brightens skin

Honey helps nourish skin and maintain moisture, prevent dry skin due to the acid content of honey is abundant there. Also honey contains natural whitening ingredients, helps brighter whites, while maintaining the collagen content of the skin, increase skin elasticity, making skin firmer.

3. Peeling, removing dirt on the skin and prevent skin aging.

Honey mask effect takes away the dirt deep in the pores, making the skin clean and protect the skin from acne-causing agents. Besides, the components contain alpha hydroxyl acids, malice acid … in honey helps exfoliate the skin very effectively. Combined with antioxidants and vitamin E reduces the aging process of skin, light skin, coated, smooth and lush vitality.

4. Treat and prevent acne from spreading.

Thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory combination with B vitamins have an antioxidant effect, help detoxify the liver and remove impurities in the skin, preventing the growth of bacteria that cause acne, helps blood circulation, like healing. So use a honey mask for acne treatments bring high efficiency and good for your health.

prevent acne

With such use, the mask of honey every day is good?

Honey mask beauty is how effective, simple, inexpensive that you can do at home will bring you the skin smooth, youthful long. However, to achieve that requires you have to use the right way honey no. That was the answer to the question of honey mask everyday good?

To use honey mask properly, safe for the skin, what you need is:

+ First, you must determine your skin of skin type, to choose honey mask accordingly. You can refer to the article 4 of acne treatment with the most effective honey to know more about honey masks come with different skin types.

Try honey on hand before using a honey mask to your face. Honey but good and suitable for all skin types, but depending on the location of each person to use a honey mask, avoid skin allergies.

skin type

+ It is not necessary and should not mask honey daily. Because the honey masks contain bleach and acid compounds. In fact, you already thin skin; the mask often will lack the natural protective layer of skin, so the skin is not against harmful factors outside environment. Besides the use of the mask every day will make the skin more prone to thin, dry, rough, Hypersensitive, easy to catch the sun, especially with weak skin, it should be cautious. Only use 2-3 times / week is enough and protect your facial skin does not lose the inherent effect of the skin. The important thing is you have to persevere in one time.

Not use a honey mask on your face for too long will make the skin lose moisture? Tips for your mask are only 15 to 30 minutes. This time enough to skin absorb the nutrients without the loss of skin moisture.

+ Should wash your face thoroughly with water before the mask to remove dirt, helps the dilation of pores, making the skin clean and helps the absorption of skin nutrients better. After the mask with honey is done you should rinse with cold water to clean the acid medium, scum from both astringent mask pores. After 20 minutes wash your face, you should account apply a moisturizer to the skin to help balance the skin, and healthy skin becomes firmer.

+ Need to protect your skin after using honey to care. After meeting with a honey mask is complete, you should avoid direct contact with the sun soon will make your skin easily catch the sun and darken?

+ Ideally, you should mask at night before bed, so your skin has time to rest, relax, and recover.

+ Mixture of the honey mask should be stored in the refrigerator compartment cooler and use only during one week.

+ Use honey quality, avoid using honey for too long.

Hopefully, the answers about honey mask any good every day that I just shared above will help you with new knowledge about the use of honey mask effectively, safely, no action women, to have skin as desired.

I am Anna Daniels, With a mission to bring the natural beauty for dashing women, sisters ForBeautySkin.com provide knowledge surrounding the skin care for acne, how to not get into serious complications, as well as removing stubborn pimples effectively.