You might have heard about the hazards of chlorine to your health, you will think that seeking some alternatives of swimming pool is a good idea. It has been found in studies that chlorine can be linked to birth defects, asthma, lung damage and still birth. That fact also leads me to do more research about other solutions for this problem, there are many options that claim to be useful to solve the problem. Here are what I have found so far.

Ozone Generators

Chlorine Alternative - Swimming Pool Options for the Conscientious Consumer

  • The most mentioned alternative for chlorine swimming pool is ozonation system. The mechanism of this system is to pump water through ozone to let the chemical reaction happen between ozone (O3) and organic compounds like bacteria to eliminate them. This method works with the same mechanism as chlorine, however, the result of this chemical reaction is way less intoxicated than what is released in the chlorine reaction. The ozone reactions will release oxygen, while chlorine reactions some toxic compounds.
  • There are three out of four requirements for pool sanitization system that ozone generation can meet. The only thing that is missing from ozone generator is that we are not protected from algae using ozone. We know that algae is not considered harmful but it does not make the pool look very clean. Therefore, some forms of algaecide are required for outdoor pools to keep them free of algae and to complete the job for ozone generator. Most of the advices from articles and other sources on the internet recommend using a small amount of chlorine to keep the pools algae free.
  • In Europe, it is a common practice of suing ozone to sanitize pools for a long time, the same method is applied for even Olympic size pools. However, in the US, ozone generators are relatively new, yet it is becoming more popular.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Information about ultraviolet is not as popularly available as one about ozone generators. The information found in rare existing articles mentioned that the ultraviolet radiation does do the job of sanitizing the pool water and product no harmful substances and this is the new alternative for chlorine and yet it has not been tried very often. From such information, we can see that ultraviolet is very similar to ozone, the only difference is that ozone has been tried and there is a lot of available information on it. Therefore, many people still choose to go with ozone.

Ionization (Copper + Silver or Copper)

Combination of copper and silver or silver itself is used in this method. In order to sterilize the water, those metals are ionized. There are not many reviews on this topic and the existing reviews are quite mixed. People either love it and they say they swear by it and the method works great. Some other people complain about its cost said that it is very expensive. And the last group of reviews (the skeptical ones) thinks that ionization does not really work.

Salt Water Generation

Salt water generation also received tons of mixed reviews. The device will allow you to add salt and then turn the added salt into chlorine. This is one of the most popular methods used in Southwest. People claim that the perceptible effects and odor were much better than the usual addition of chlorine. Yet there are another group of opinions that criticizes the method to be still chlorine, therefore it is not a real alternative for chlorine free solution.


This is the more expensive alternative of chlorine however the result it produces is not that much better than chlorine since chlorine and bromine are very similar in term of chemical. Many spas use this method, even it is not as harsh as chlorine, yet it is not the ideal solution.


Writing this article, I hope that it will help you have the overall view of various options for chlorine alternative now in the market. If I have to state my opinion and pick from one of the options, my choice will be the ozone generator since it is the most reliable, least toxic and very economical. If you have any idea or other information, please do not hesitate to share it with us.