food-storage-containers-7488Plastic containers are being used popularity and available everywhere, you can see it in the market with different appearances such as food packaging, convenience lunch box and some more. Plastic’ consumers are recommended to switch to glasses container since plastics produce toxic chemicals which leach into food being heat. There is a topic about how to choose the best glass storage containers, but if you insist on using plastic containers, it is good.

The plastic container does help a lot for people daily uses and it is also the most convenience stuff. However, it does have inconvenience aspects when you try to clean them.

No matter what types of storage containers you are using, it is crucial to be sure your container is clean and is free from bacterial. Plastic containers are classified into two types soft plastic and hard plastic.

  • Hard plastic containers do not absorb stains, but it absorbs smelly.
  • Soft one easily discoloration, easily stained.

For household who love to use plastic food container, they must know how easily the container stained and how difficult to remove dirt from plastic storages; it would take you hours to clean it up your kitchenware or some people might throw away those containers and buy a new one. In order from saving money, here are few tricks for longer time usage:

Cleaning solution for plastic storages

Cleaning solution for plastic storages

  • A lot of people merely use dish soap to clean the kitchenware or they use hard cleanser tools aim to easy clean. There is numerous solution online such as the combination of vinegar and water with a lot of step after that, or using baking soda. Does it actually work? but this trick here does a good job of cleansing, don’t you want your containers sparkling your kitchen?
  •  Dish soap mix together with hot water could make it out. Fill up hot water into a big bowl or directly into your sink, which is able to store all of your kitchenware, with few drop of dish soap. After few moments, wipe it with washcloth or scouring pad. Then rinse it with clean water.

How to remove tough stains

How to remove tough stains

Plastic containers are easily stained and absorb the smell, especially when it used to store deep color foods such as coffee bean, red beet and so on. Those color will definitely have stained your containers. If you try to clean it by normal soap or hot water, it is useless. Yes, your container is dirt-free, but for stained, it won’t work.

People always use bleach liquid on their clothes. There also bleaches liquid used to wash dishes, you can apply it to your plastic containers. However, your washcloths must be color-free unless you want your plastic stained another color. The bleach will certainly remove any color in the containers.

Abrasive cleaners

Certain people use harsh tools or hard scouring pad with extra strength to clean its container. Unfortunately, they might easily scratch the surfaces which might be able to gather even more dirt.

If you want some more inexpensive yet effective ways to solve your problem containers, try some home-made cleaning solution here:

  • Homemade soft scrub: a mixture of baking soda power with few drops of water will do a good job together with a washcloth.
  • Homemade all-purpose cleaner: this solution can use for all color stained or smelly problems. Mix vinegar, ammonia, and baking soda as 1:1 proportion. Vinegar works best to remove mildew and stained. After washing it, use the towels to dry it out.
  • Bleach solution: mix bleach and water together as equal parts. Soak your stuff around 5 minutes then rinse with clean water. Avoid the bleach contact with skin since the bleach leads to allergic easily.
  • Lemon juice: let the lemon juice sits in the container until you get yours satisfy with the color.
  • The sun let your kitchenware sits under the sun for hours to bleach your stuff.

Each of the solutions has been tested and reached the effective level. However, some people might try to mix it all together tends to have the better result; unfortunately, it is not guarantee if there is toxic or spoil your stuff in some ways.

People always make things easier while they provide cleaning solution for plastics use. You can purchase your solution through OxiClean, Soft Scrub or Cascade Plastic Booster.

However, you can minimize your works if you try to void put acid type foods in your container. Using plastic storages might need a lot of check up, make sure your container is safe such as be able to put in the microwave, or double check the triangle number labeled and so.

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