The shower head is one of the indispensable products in each bathroom for each family. This product has many kinds and many brands and many different prices. If you want to learn about metal shower head, cheap shower head you can visit here. Moreover, in this article let me share with you some experience when preparing to buy a solution to bathroom shower.

1. The First Is The Quality Of The Product:

SR SUN RISE 10 Inch Ultra Thin Solid Square Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head High Pressure Best

  • It is best to buy branded products from long and is widely used for many years, the prestigious brand name and a reputation in the market are those products that the company has always guaranteed, and you just need to be assured that choice of style and quality.
  • Prices are a little bit high, but the quality, then you can be assured.
  • Most other products on the market are companies tested and registered trademarks in, with products not originating or origin, do not buy.
  • You also rest assured that the goods china any kind nor less, if you know how to choose the good, the user must be ten years

2. Product Design:

Double Shower Head Designs and Benefits

Your home is wide and the conditional public should choose to buy a shower is consolidated like best.

There is a note when buying the shower water pressure is about:

  • If the bathroom on the 1st floor where water tanks on the 3rd floor, or higher 4 is ok but the water tanks on the 2nd floor is a bit difficult. Because trees are used shower water pressure is strong enough, the new user must prefer. Otherwise the water will be very weak.
  • If your home is low, the only way to use the lotus plant is to buy a booster pump again.
  • Listen to products china user must also slightly apprehensive, but genuine product or standard line. Chinese of what use is equally goods Royal, Kosco, Toto or Inax . China products divided into two categories: a very cheap and a normal type.
  • Cheap kind: the kind with the selling price of 20 to 30 dollars a shower to a full hot and cold shower
  • These material goods are antimony (an alloy of copper and some other metals). This type is usually with only one or two years, and it is suitable for your rent, or moving house)

3. Good Type: This Type of Higher Cost

To distinguish the two categories, the most accurate is that you must remove the product inside out and see. This is somewhat difficult because canned products when they were stamped and sealed, I do not want to talk anymore

  • And another way is also quite correct to distinguish between products made of brass and plated alloy is looking outside the country of the product. (What Uncle old, bad eyes, then it’s hardly that).
  • When chromium plated outer coating, the products from the brass material will eat à Cr than the product surface shiny, smooth.
  • You find a flat spot on the best products on the face detector. If you see a clear picture, bright, clear and free of distortion. (Such as real mirror), it is a good product and If they are be Distorted, Then 100% of Antimony Products

choosing a shower head

I see a lot of moms interested in issues of a shower bath. Shower variety, most consumers, are afraid to buy counterfeit goods, the major brands are as many counterfeit goods as Toto, Inax

It is best to order the buffet mothers take for peace of mind, just select the kind seen it shiny and smooth nature, no ripple definition, are palpable slippery hands, opening and closing adjustments were seen sucking hands, limbs sharp details, and especially to see its impressive heavy, as heavy as possible. Just built my house I also Korean used heavy as stones, premium quality under reasonable prices

4. Temperatures Suitable For Processing Shower

best led shower head

The Mother elected to pay special attention to the temperature of the bath water, bath time and is not as well fed bath … The mother often reminded each other not elected a hot bath is a steam bath because it can cause harm healthy pregnant women especially the development of the fetus.

However, whether actual mothers elected to abstain completely heated. The sisters need to know that if you have a healthy pregnancy, no vaginal bleeding or leakage of amniotic fluid, the body soak in a warm bath is the very beneficial job.

Body soaking in a warm bath is a great way to relax your body, help you reduce fatigue and is very beneficial for women with insomnia. It is not just a warm bath or not, around the story of the mother bathing election there are many things you should keep in mind.

5. Choose the Time to Bathe

Sister body during pregnancy is very sensitive, so the mother should not bathe any time of the day, especially when just woke up or late night. Pregnant mothers should choose the most appropriate time of day when the body ready for bathing as the premiere evening after returning from work.

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