Whether readers are doing the refinishing work on the simple project related to woodworking for instance the wall-mounted rack of coat or even tackling something, which is extremely complex for example refinishing the historic rolltop desk of their grandfather. Then they will surely need the little knowledge and expertise & some basic equipment of finishing for completing their work or project in an ideal way.

Readers should know that there are two leading kinds of the best HVLP paint sprayer of finishing which are currently available in the marketplace in order to serve the finishing needs of them. The most updated ones are the low-pressure and high volume spray guns, which are termed as HVLP spray guns.

The conventional finishing spray guns

  • While on the other hand, there are the old authentic, the conventional finishing spray guns. It is worth stating that both of the spray guns do the perfect job when it comes to putting on different finishes however, each offer its own unique features & has it individual design variations which readers would need to considered while buying the right one according to their specific needs.
  • Moreover, conventional finishing spray guns work at the simple, high pressure. conventional finishing spray gunsThese guns connect to the air compressor & finish is simply blasted into their project by utilizing this very high pressure. As this higher pressure superbly atomizes spray, in this it generates extremely reasonable particles, this provides the perfect even application either it be the clear shellac, paint or varnish.
  • In spite this perfect result, the conventional finishing spray guns are merely approximately 30% effective. Beside this, the low pressure and high volume finishing spray guns are quite new to all those people who always like and willing to tackle DIY projects.

All these spray guns upsurge transfer efficiency; it simply means that more of finishing medium is truly transferred to word in spite of being wasted. Unluckily, some of the thinners utilized now days, in products of the wood finishing are damaging to the air quality.

With HVLP technology, air is simply delivered at very high volume however, with the too much low pressure so that extreme finish ends up mainly on wood in spite of going into the air. Furthermore, there are two distinct kinds of the low-pressure high volume finishing spray guns technology, which are now available in the marketplace.

Kinds of the low-pressure high volume finishing spray guns

  • The first one uses pre present equipment as it simply converts the conventional spray gun technology into the low-pressure high volume system. It is termed as the conversion low-pressure high volume spray gun.
  • Another kind of the low-pressure high volume spray gun is an extremely efficient & it is quite appropriate for everyone who does not previously have the air compressor. It runs of the air turbine in spite of the air compressor as it delivers the higher volume of the air at an extremely low pressure. Now, I would like to share the information about the different tips and ways of cleaning the HVLP finishing spray gun.

HVLP spray gunsIt is vital to mention HVLP finishing spray guns are extremely famous and useful. They are able to save the time and energy of the users while giving perfect coverage on the particular job and project.

When users have finished utilizing the HVLP spray guns, though they still have to be systematically cleaned before they could be utilized again. It is advisable that users should be ready for taking their time while cleaning as a project or job would last up 1-hour comprising reassembly. 

However, it all simply help the users in the longer run by offering several advantages as users would get extreme wear out of their HVLP finishing spray gun. In short, it is advisable to consider the below-mentioned tips while cleaning the HVLP finishing spray gun.

Nozzle Plate

It is worth stating that there is the metal plate mainly behind a nozzle of HVLP finishing spray gun. Moreover, this has to be removed as users may trapped on with remains of the paint. If users, enquire it off simply with the screwdriver then they should put this into a bowl of the thinner. Users would probably have to brush it once it is soaked in order to remove the paint.


In order to begin the process of cleaning a HVLP finishing spray gun, firstly users have to remove its cap. Then, try to turn the cap counter clockwise & put off the spray gun’s nozzle. Afterwards, take out the nozzle of spray gun by simply twisting the nozzle away from HVLP finishing spray gun. It is vital to note that cap and nozzle have to be always soaked. Moreover, put polish solvent in the glass bowl & tip the nozzle and cap in by leaving both of them for approximately fifteen minutes. Afterwards, scrub them carefully.

Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun


The upcoming step is related to taking off the liquefied adjuster from back of spray gun. After removing, the liquefied adjuster users would find the instruction for fluid adjuster & spring for air valve. Moreover, turn guide simply counter clockwise when users have dragged the spring easily out of spray gun. Users must have to drag out liquefied needle spring.


With majority of work done, users must utilize the rag which been drenched in thinner & squeezed out in order to smear out an outside of spray gun for keeping it look clean & new by simply removing any dye overspray.

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