According to the majority of drivers, hand washing car with the best car wash soap is a beneficial therapeutic action for the mind state of people to the appearance of their cars. It is good as regular washing is the best method for maintaining a new finish of a car. However, washing is not a really simple work. If not be careful, it is very easy for the finish to be scratched or degraded accidentally. Below are a few basic car washing tips:

When should you wash your car?

  • WASHING REGULAR. DON’T wait until you see a layer of accumulated crud because all the harmful environment features such as chemicals, bird droppings and dead bugs leach acids which are able to eat into the paint of your car eventually & strip away wax. If you allow them to stay too long on your car, they may cause damages which require repainting & sanding these areas for correcting.

tree-sap mist

  • In a word, DO wash off tree-sap mist, bird droppings and dead bugs as soon as possible. Besides, a weekly car washing plan can keep your car’s finish in the best appearance always. In case where you live has acid rain, keep in mind rinse your car off after each period of rain. Or the rainwater’s acidic chemicals are going to stay on your car’s surface after droplets have completely evaporated which leaves marks marring your paint permanently.

What type of products should you utilize?

  • DON’T utilize household cleaning agents for your paint such as glass cleaner, dishwashing detergent or hand soap because they are not formulated to use on the paint of car (stripping off the protective wax)
  • DO apply the milder dedicated car-wash products as these are specially designed to utilize on the car’s paint. Combine subs with a lamb’s-wool mitt or a big, soft natural sponge.
  • Rubber, grease & road-tar deposits picked up on the road usually accumulate around wheels even along its body’s lower edges. What’s more, it’s quite hard to get rid of these stubborn things so you may need the strong products like the bug-and-tar-remover. To get rid of these deposits, let you utilize a smooth, non abrasive cloth because it is able to blacken the sponge quickly.

tire sponge

  • In terms of tires & wheels, you DO clean by a separate sponge as these parts may be coated with brake dust, sand and other debris marring the finish of your car. The mixture of water & mild soap can deal well but if not, you need a dedicated wheel cleaner. Make sure that the selected cleaner must be compatible with the kind of your finish utilized on the wheels (chrome, clear-coat, paint and so on).

For example, the strong formula intended for your mag wheels is able to damage the clear coat of the car wheels today. To get a total safety, opt for a cleaner kind labeled safe to utilize on all of the vehicle wheels.

Some general guideline you had better follow when washing:

  • DON’T wash when the body of your car is hot like after using immediately or after it parked under the sun directly. You should know that heat can speed the drying process of water & soap which makes it is harder to wash and increases the opportunity of forming deposits or spots.
  • DON’T wash your car by a sponge following the circular movements. That’s the reason of swirl marks – light but noticeable scratches. Therefore, you had better move it lengthwise across the hood as well as other body panels. Remember to rinse your sponge out thoroughly before going on utilizing. Another reason of scratching the automotive paint is that the sponges are able to pick up dirt particles.
  • Before washing your car to get rid of loose debris & dirt causing scratch, keep in mind to DO use water for rinsing all the car’s surfaces thoroughly. When starting, just concentrate a part at a time that means rinsing & washing at an area totally after that move on the next one.

get rid of loose debris & dirt causing scratch

That provides you a rinsing period before the soap dries. Begin at the top after that move around. Allow water to flow from a hose without nozzle over your car from the top to bottom. This is a good way for minimizing pooling of water thanks to the sheeting action.

  • To give a lot of lubrication on the surface of paint, DO work your car wash solution into a lather with a lots suds. Also, rinse your sponge regularly by utilizing a separate bucket as long as you can keep dirt from being mixed into the sudsy washing water. – a website with easy tips to help you Care Your Car. As you see, this is at simple sight: To become a reliable resource where all of you can join and learn how to care your cars; You can find here Best Products, which are needed for your cars…