Wine storage

NewAir AW-211ED Streamline 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless SteelMajority of the people only know two leading facts when it comes to wine that particular wines should be ripened to achieve extreme quality & that wine should be stored simply in the right way for maintain & fully enjoying its bouquet and aroma.

Nevertheless, few can truly comprehend the science & facts behind the aging of wine & therefore underestimate the significance of the correct storage methods like best wine coolers. As wine is the multifaceted balance of carbohydrates, phenols, amino acids & other major chemical compounds, some chemical reactions among all these compounds could be influenced by the environmental changes.

Furthermore, seeing as speed of the chemical reaction upsurge with temperatures, beer or wine would hardly age in case stored below or even at 50F. Nevertheless, when the wine bottle is kept at room temperature, then existences of aging would be speeded in only months & even weeks.

Thus, one can say that when it comes to wine storage then temperature constancy is always the mainstay. For the much part, majority of the wines accessible now days are of all set to drink range however, these could be stored safely for the certain years by simply following the below-mentioned conditions.

  • Humidity levels higher than 50%
  • Away from direct sunlight
  • At always temperature between 50 & 56 F, resting upon the kind of the wine

In case wine is kept outside of above-mentioned limits, then it can be vulnerable to premature aging and spoilage. With that thought, correct wine or beer storage is vital. While from the above-mentioned conditions, an average drinker of wine can effortlessly meet first two conditions however, last one must be come across with some kind of the wine cooler, cellar and wine cabinet.

The need of wine chiller

REVIEW | NewAir AW-211ED Wine Cooler

  • Majority of the people never have the treat of building different home cellars thus that is when the wine chiller comes in.
  • Likewise, there are several different types and models of the wine chillers, which are currently available in the marketplace; however, selecting the one, which can best suit user’s needs, is quite tough.
  • It is advisable to firstly, decide that how many wine bottles people would be cooling at once, afterwards, add extra capacity in order to permit for the growing group.
  • Secondly, find out that what kinds of the wine people would be storing. In case people just drink Chardonnay, the wine chiller with the single temperature areas will do.
  • Nevertheless, if people adore and cherish both whites and reds wine then they will need the wine fridge with approximately two zones.
  • Thus, with that thought some of the top and famous wine cooler makers are Amcor, Avanti and Franklin chef however, there is another candidate on wine chiller market namely NewAir generally famous for their remarkable and best moveable air conditioners.
  • The wine chillers of NewAir are amazingly affordable still feature many bonuses, which people will mainly, find in the costly units.

Design & Style

NewAir AW-211ED 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

  • NewAir AW-211ED wine chiller was certainly beautifully pleasing & housed in the black, sleek cabinet along with door of stainless steel.
  • It is astonishingly compact provided its huge bottle capacity & comes with stress free to control and handle digital panel along with LED display for correct temperature setting.
  • Moreover, racks within wine chiller are simply made from heavy-duty still updated chrome & there was an inner LED light which upsurge visibility & given the nice glow.

Wine Bottle Capacity

In spite of its space saving structure and tower design, NewAir wine chiller has the large capacity & capable of holding twenty-one wine bottles of favorite vintages. It was simply more than ample for several home wine or beer drinkers.

Cooling System

Generally, there are two kinds of the wine chilling systems out there namely thermoelectric and compressor. It is vital to mention that compressor appear to be little dated, as majority of the people in today’s world are searching for thermoelectric chillers. As thermoelectric wine chillers never have several moving parts besides, they never vibrate & are noiseless.

Twofold Zone Chilling Chambers

In case people are storing one or two kinds of wine then will need the wine chiller with approximately two temperatures. Twofold temperature wine chillers have lower and upper cabinets, which are freely, refrigerated chambers along with distinct capabilities of temperature control.

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