Electric high-pressure pump is a product that has many technical characteristics, parameters used. If you want to learn and find the products from the best brands, you visit here; will have the best electric pressure washer on the market today .Besides it, I will help you learn about the types of electric pressure washer, advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Advantages of electric pressure washer

  • Saving water: In the same runtime machine, water consumption by 50% compared to only pump regular washing.
  • Save time: the high water pressure to help blow the “stains” quickly, allowing detergent stains in locations difficult to work with as the chassis, wheels easily. A car wash time significantly minimized, so the car wash productivity will surely soar.
  • Save electricity: A car wash machine with the same capacity, but the water pressure is higher, helped wash the car faster; you naturally will help customers save energy.
  • Save money: Just do a simple job is the equivalent purchase price, time, power, and reliability of water into the money machine, your customers will easily notice the absolute advantage of the washer high pressure.

electric pressure washerStructure High-pressure washers comprise the first electric motor + pump + accessories. As well as other kinds of pumps, spray water flow is inversely proportional to the pressure; that is: the same engine capacity, large water flow if the water pressure decreases


  • Car wash machine 3.0kw / 220v, water flow of 15 l / min, pressure cannot achieve more than 130 bars
  • Car wash machine 3.0kw / 220v, water flow 13 l / min, pressure can reach 120 bar…
  • Car wash machine 3.0kw / 220v horizontal head straps, the water flow of 35-40 liters / minute, the pressure will only reach the lower 35 bar…

The car wash station, motorcycles often choose washers to flow 15-17 l / min. Water flow depending on the type of pump head

Choose electric high-pressure washer:

  1. washer – 2.2 kW / 220v: 80-90 bar pressure, flow of 15 liters / minute

  • A small, car washes, no 3-phase power, a power washer with 2.2kw / 220 is enough
  • Vehicle washing machines – 2.2kw with moderate inrush currents so that they may share power lines with other devices
  1. washer – 3.0 kW / 220v: 90-100 bar pressure, flow of 15 liters / minute

  • Machine 3.0kw / 220v greater pressure machine 2.2kw about 10-15bar
  • Other than machine 3.0kw / 3-phase, Machine 3.0kw / 220v has a huge boot line, only the car wash station dedicated 220v line and a new large-size wire should buy this machine.
  • High-pressure washer machine is booting the machine several times a day, so the machine 3.0kw / 220v greatly affect power lines and other equipment if power supply is not guaranteed
  1. washer – 3.0kw / 4.0kw / 5.5kw 7.5 kW 380V

  • If your car washes 380V power, you can choose any machine in line with demand
  • Wash cars, motorcycles: You can select the smaller capacity machine with 5.5kw
  • Wash Truck: Should we have a capacity of 5.5kw, 7.5kW or larger

Ultimate WasherSpare parts:

  • The unit must be replaced due to wear and tear: Seals water, oil seals, oil … Users will be instructed to manually replace these parts.
  • After a long time of operation, the pump can be damaged; you can buy high-pressure pump head and replace our old pump head with the simple operation: removing and installing four bolts…


  • The warranty period high-pressure washer depending on the models and as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • High-pressure washer machine is operating the machine extremely harsh; you cannot ask your manufacturer if you compensate for continuous operation machine (washing 200-300 cars / day / one machine) or unstable sugar electricity, water residue with sand, ..

Characteristics of each type of high-pressure washer:

  1. High-pressure washers with rotating disc type pump head, aluminum head, often called the family car washers

  • Pros: The pump head spinning disc with simple structure, low production costs
  • Cons: There is life only 1/3 the pump piston
  • Application:

– Wash in the family (sometimes wash, an activity day only 1 to 3 times)

– Use as backup

(If used in the car wash and wash repeatedly, the machine will fail within 1 to 2 months)

  1. High-pressure washers with steel piston pump head:

  • Advantage: low production cost. This machine is often manufactured in China, the engine speed, and pump head is generally 2800 rev / min
  • Cons: Made with low production costs should longevity only 60% compared to conventional piston pump head. But longevity is guaranteed, if used correctly: Replace Regular oil, clean water, stable electricity
  • Application:

– Wash in the family, the small car wash

– Use as backup

electric pressure washer 2

  1. Car wash machine – with the first piston pump, low pressure:

  • Pros: General, there are many brands to choose from
  • Cons: low pressure, if consuming water for car washes
  • Application:

      – Use in Agriculture: Watering the plants, spraying…

      – In some countries: Leverage to wash the car.

  • Characteristics:

    – Most of this type of pump head is manufactured in China. If you are going to buy the machine for the first time, customers will have trouble buying this type of pump head not knowing which ones to choose between a brand forests (with some brands being counterfeit, fake)

      – Some of the Taiwanese brands of good quality, but the price are relatively high.

      – Some brands of Japan, America, and Italy, durable and high prices