Reverse Osmosis SystemIf you frequently visit my site, you would already know about my passion in finding and using the best drinking water. Overall, drinking water is a healthy activity which helps to wash off all of the toxins out of your body. Therefore, it is very important to find a clean and good water source so that your body is supplied with the most natural and cleanest water.

One of the most famous products that promise to deliver the best drinking water is the Reverse Osmosis home system. In fact, you cannot find another water purifier with the higher market share at the moment.

You can see this brand of water purifier everywhere, from your house and your friend’s house to the public places like restaurants and even library.

Although there are a lot of benefits that this home system can bring to you, it also has a lot of benefits, which you should be aware of as well.

Here are 3 main disadvantages of using a reverse Osmosis home system.

1. It Is Expensive To Operate

First of all, this system is very expensive to set up. In addition, it needs a lot of energy to run well so you have to pay more for the extra energy. It is worth mentioning that you need to pay for the maintenance each year as well, all adding up to higher cost of running this reverse osmosis home system.

There are cheaper alternatives; however, the effect of these alternatives is under questioning.

2. It Extracts Most Of The Minerals

  • It is true that a reverse osmosis home system helps to get rid of all the dirt and dust. However, when it helps to keep and wash off all of the chemicals and toxins, it also washes off valuable minerals as well.
  • One of the main benefits of drinking water is that water can provide your body with healthy minerals. However, when all of the minerals in the water are taken out, you have no chance to take these good minerals inside your body anymore.
  • As you should know, some mineral such as calcium and magnesium play very important parts in determine the health of your body, your bones as well as your blood system.

Luckily, the amount of minerals that we need each day is not so large. So in case you cannot get enough minerals from water; the solution for this problem is that you should get more minerals from foods.

3. It Cannot Get Rid Of All Toxins Completely

Benefits of using reverse osmosis water for plants


As I mention before, the reverse osmosis home system helps to get rid of the toxins and deliver clean water to us. However, it cannot get rid of all of the chemicals. These chemicals which the home system cannot help to purify are very and very small.

  • A very clear example is that when you drink water from a public source, you can still taste the chlorine although this public place uses the reverse osmosis home system.
  • There is a good explanation for why some of the harmful chemicals still find their way out. In reality, a reverse osmosis home system uses a membrane to strain out chemicals from the water. In most of the case, because the water molecules are small, they can escape from the membrane.  Harmful chemical molecules are bigger; therefore, they are kept behind the membrane.
  • However, there are some harmful toxins which are even smaller than the water molecules, which allow them to escape through the very small hole. When the harmful toxins find their way to your children’s body, they might cause serious health damage to them.

In case you want to install a water purifier at home and are thinking about the reverse osmosis home system, you should carefully consider between the pros and cons of this product. A reverse osmosis home system might help you to get rid of pollutants, toxins and other harmful chemicals in the water; it is very expensive to operate.  In addition, it also take away all of the healthy and nutritious minerals while is still unable to get rid of toxins completely.

I hope this information will assist you to make a better, more informed choice.

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