Long gone the days when you have to visit brick and mortal stores to shop for furniture! With the booming of technology and internet, you can now choose exactly the type of future you want just by going online at any location you want, browsing websites and making orders. Many people are still concerned whether it is better to see and examine the product directly at the store. If you need more convincing, here are top 10 reasons why you should buy furniture online.

Top 10 reasons:

  1. Huge options available

Huge options available

Online furniture stores are considered to be your one-stop destination. You can find a huge selection of the furniture you want with limitless styles, colors, designs, patterns, materials, finishes, features and many different price ranges. It is easily to pick unique designs online and make the furniture the focal point in your room. A brick and mortal store cannot offer you thousands of option like this.  . Product specifications and availability are indicated clearly. You can enlarge the picture and view the product in a much better way than the brochure or leaflet. There are many useful product reviews that help you make the right decisions too.

  1. Narrowed Research:

If you have some ideas or preferences in mind, you can easily narrow down your search by entering the criteria for searching. Online stores allow you to browse product by categories. Say, you want to look for a bed under $500. Or because you are into monochrome, you only look for furniture in black and white. With just one click, you get a list of the exact type of finish, materials, types…you want.

Even better, online stores can give you recommendations based on your search history. That way, you can shorten your time and find the item you need quicker.

  1. Easy Comparison

How can you know if this retail store sells products at higher prices than the store across the street? You probably just go to 5-6 stores at most to check the average price range.

It is not the case with online shopping. You can easily compare products of one store with another and take into account the transport, installation cost, and warranty package before making the final decision. That way, it is much more possible for you to pick the right product with the most competitive price and the best offers.

  1. Lower Costs.

Most of the time, it is cheaper to buy online than buy at physical stores (plus free or cheap delivery package, which will be mentioned later in this article). That way, you can save money to buy other accessories for the furniture.

  1. New Trends

New trends and designs are often available at online stores first. If you want to get the latest and most trendy style in the world, just go to online stores to consider your option.

  1. Discounts and offers

One of the fastest ways to know about discount is visiting online stores. What if the retail furniture store you know is not on your way to work on you do not know when they sell the bed you want at discounted price or have some attractive offer. By getting updated with discount deals or clearance sale through online stores, you can choose the right time to purpose your furniture. Also, there are lots of good deals online that are not available for physical stores that you can take advantage of.

  1. No Pressure

Many people just buy what the sales assistances introduce to them. If they do not have proper research beforehand, they may end up bringing home what do not really suit their house or something that is overpriced. Do not worry about pushy salesmen when you shop online because no one forces or tries to influence you to make the decision. It is you who decide to buy what you think suits your budget plan and your home décor the most. And you can take time looking at the product and compare product price/ features for as long as you want.

  1. Time Saving

Obviously, you no longer have to go from stores to stores to search for your desired furniture. Just think about the time you have to spend at each store; some can be far so you have to drive there (and get stuck in traffic or rain!). Instead, you can sit comfortable at home, the office, coffee store, a friend’s house…basically anywhere and go online for shopping. The process is fast and simple, so why not give it a try?

  1. 24/7 Accessibility

You will not be able to find a physical furniture store that opens 24/24. Most stores open late until 10pm at most. But with online stores, you can shop anytime you want, be it at day or at night unless the server goes down for a while because of overloading or some other technical issues (but the problem is normally fixed very quickly).  If you are a busy bee who only have some free time at night after long working days, online shopping is the idea option for you.

  1. Good delivery and installation service

Online furniture stores normally offer free delivery and installation (or charge a low fee if the distance is very far). Many cases, they offer the cash-on-delivery service so you do not have to pay until you are sure the right product is delivered and installed properly. You can also change the delivery date to suit your schedule.  There are clear policies on delivery, installation, warranty and return at websites so you can always contact the customer service team should you have any questions.