When life is becoming more unstable, security issues for your castle has been deep concern.

Turn the house into an ideal retreat

What CCTV to use

Modern living space is elevated by luxurious interior design and smart. Castle is designed with more wide open spaces open access to nature outside, catch the light and filled with fresh air. Stepping out of the house is a green park.

The green elements and fresh air brought a class resort right at the Castle where you live. Enjoy life in this dream is not only safe for your health but also your soul, lucid wisdom; a life of joy, happiness, and success.

Installation of CCTV for Castle

Castle Alarms

          Today the order situation is more complex security. When society cannot bring you and your family peace of mind as well as the safety of people and property. Why do not you protect yourself? Take your family to equip CCTV systems

The purpose of the installation of CCTV:

  • Protect property from intruders
  • Protect the network from the wicked

Benefits of the camera system:

  • You can take the initiative in protecting the lives and property of his family
  • If you have a business trip, you can still observe your house through internet 24/24 – which provides absolute peace of mind when away from home each
  • You are a busy person, do not have much time with the family – with CCTV systems you can see his beloved family whenever you want
  • Do you have children – you can rest assured about the safety of the baby while away
  • CCTV systems

          Due to the nature of work is increasingly busy, often absent but you wish to observe the family, relatives, children or property in your home anytime, anywhere, to prevent bad things can happen out.

1. Installation of surveillance camera systems

Closed-circuit Television - Surveillance Camera Systems

 Why should install surveillance cameras? Surveillance cameras will record a clear image of the activity taking place in the area of installation.

It monitors 24/24 night you even still image clarity.

– These places need to install:

+ Indoor: staircase, living room.

+ In addition to ports, doors, the lobby … Advantage: you can observe things happening anytime, at anywhere you want just to have on hand machines

 Note: to prevent blackouts, you should install the UPS, UPS had any effect? It was the UPSs help still recording camera system as normal if the power is lost.

2. Installation of the alarm system

Installation of the alarm system

 Function to do? Alarm system against intruders anytime. Then the alarm system will automatically send Press to the telephone number has been set during installation. The system has an emergency button or stops the newspaper reported. Battery backup system should still function properly if there is the case of unexpected power cut within 12h.

3. Installation of Fingerprint Lock System, door bell shaped

  • Fingerprint lock system: the lock was set up to save the fingerprint of the person can open the door to the inside. Therefore, those whose fingerprint is not confirmed, the system cannot unlock the door. The advantage of this type of lock when you close the door lock will automatically lock again.
  • Video Door: outsiders want in your home; you need to press the opening bell. Video door phone will send pictures of people rang the bell; you see a clear image of the client and can talk to them. Thus, you will define who they are and cannot be entered

4. Lighting system fence, garden

Straight Line Fence

  •  Induction lamps when people go through it, it will automatically light up. This helps us to guard that area, given the appropriate measures to provide for their safety. This lamp uses solar energy.
  • Safety nets committee villas, high-rise buildings, – for balconies of high-rise buildings. Safety nets are woven from yarns balcony INOX cable Dedicated PS plastic wrap. Balcony safety net, safety netting window
  • Smart Product Safety, not seen from a distance of 15 meters, so-called an invisible fence. Advantages of protective mesh balcony: Protective mesh advantages Transient balconies beautiful, aesthetic, safety for all altitudes, not rust, not far from
  •   Balcony safety net, safety netting window – Smart Product Safety, not seen from a distance of 15 meters, so-called invisible fence, does not affect vision and architecture view. This is the product of choice for the 21st century, is the optimal solution for today’s residential balcony in ensuring security against theft from outside and ensures the safety of people living in buildings high-rise, especially children hyperactive.

Product selection castle elevator for systematic safety warning

Product selection castle elevator for systematic safety warning

 The elevator products should ensure some basic safety rules such as Automatically return to the nearest floor when power failure; emergency stop button in the cabin; infrared at the doors; automatically turn off electrical appliances when not in operation; where the detailed production and electrical components must clearly willing, reliable … This helps to minimize the dangers that can occur when using the elevator in the family.

Maintaining warranty, maintenance as recommended manufacturer launched

To ladder safety and operational endurance, users should follow the recommendations from the manufacturer. In particular, providers comply with maintenance schedules, maintenance one time per month. End of the warranty period, customers should continue to maintain maintenance from 1 to 2 months/time.

For failures, to replace the equipment, customers should contact providers to buy genuine products at the right prices, genuine and safe. Family choices elevator, consumers, you  should look for the branded product, clear origin and a unit providing full consulting team and installation, commissioning professionals to promote all properties product performance.