If you have been living in your house for many years and have not changed any bit in your house, it may look quite boring to you now. Or simply because you don’t like the style and furniture that you house is currently having. Then there is a simple solution for you, which is redecorating your house.

However, it is not that simple to redecorate the house if you don’t have much money. The cost of interior designing and redecorating could be really high. Of course there are many cheap options but you may want your house to look classy and expensive.

In general, you can still have your house redecorate on a budget but the result will sure satisfy you if you can follow these tips below:

Here are some tips on redecorating your house on a budget:

  1. Plan Your Budget

house-decorThe most important thing you need to do at first is to plan your budget. You need to set up a range of money in which you are willing to spend on with this project.

Estimate on your own and come up with an appropriate number.  Don’t expect to get to a precise number but at least make a reasonable range of prices.

You also need to be more specific with your budget. It means that you have to divide your budget into different categories. Decide how much you want to spend on furniture, how much you want to spend for painting and how much for other outsourcing service.

You can do so by consulting your friends who have done the same project before. You can also ask for advice from experts by asking around from various decoration companies.

You can also check for prices of furniture, paintings and outsource services on the Internet. Just go to some websites specializing in house decorating and you can easily see quotes there.

Make sure your budget number is achievable which you have to stick to it as well.

  1. Be Your Own Interior Designer And Painter

When planning your budget, you have to calculate the money you are going to pay for outsourcing services including painting or designing. These services will sure cost a huge fraction of your budget.

If you think you don’t have skills and time then you can hire other people to do these tasks for you.

However, you can save a lot of money if you want to do it yourself. You can be as creative as you want without depending on anyone else’s creativity and imagination.

You can consult for interior design on plenty of magazines or articles on the Internet. Pinterest and Instagram are also 2 websites which you can get many creative and unique ideas from.


You can do so by consulting your friends who have done the same project before. You can also ask for advice from experts by asking around from various decoration companies.

  1. Make Sure You Do Comparative Shopping

If you want to buy a new set of furniture for your house, make sure you shop around and do your research carefully to find good brands with reasonable prices.

There are also many sources from which you can buy your new furniture. Besides department stores, you can spend a lot of time hunting for vintage or modern furniture at yard sales or second hand market as well as auction house.

Be prepared and look out for any sales events during the year as well.

Another thing you need to remember when shopping to prevent yourself from spending too much is creating a list of what you need to buy only. Bring the list with you when you go shopping.

Never buy any item off the list, which you don’t really need, no matter how cheap it is. A cheap item that you don’t use means that you waste the money on it.

  1. Auction Your Unused Furniture

As I mention above, auction house is one of the place from which you could look for a new set of furniture. If you can do that with other people’s stuff then sure there will be other people who are looking for things like your old furniture.

You can sure sell your unused furniture to fund for your redecorating project.

  1. Pay Attention To Painting

Give your house a new color is one of the online-catalog-home-decorsimplest and cheapest ways to have a new decoration for your house.

If you change the color of your house completely, like from blue to red, you have to spend more money on coats. However, it you go from light blue to dark navy one, you will reduce the amount of coats of the paints and then save some money as well.

Whichever way you prefer, take into consideration your budget as well as your vision of a new decoration in mind.

Here are some of the tips which I think would be helpful for you if you want to redecorate your house on a budget. It is very important that you set a clear target from the beginning so that you would not overspend your money. Furthermore, if you have time and skills, you can consider setting the layout and doing the painting by yourself. Also remember to shop around for the best set of furniture. No matter what you do, always stick to your budget plan and keep it simple.

I hope that you will find these tips above very helpful and very easy to follow so that you can have the most satisfying result.