Study the top feature used in the choosing of access to bedside gun safe in order to protect the security of your home. Nextly, you should consider your budget. Finally, you have to find a safe fit your pistol.

Safe Selection Criteria

Choosing a gun safe can be more difficult than choosing your pistol because it has too many kinds. I will help you choose easy by listing my top criteria when choosing my gun safe.

  • Quick access: gun will be placed in the safe. However, if you are attacked, you must have it in about 1-2 seconds.
  • Reliable: you’ll likely be disoriented in the dark. You have to make sure that you use it in safety status.
  • Full protection: most home defense pistols are usually expensive and little-used. This version prevents curious people from robbing or protect it from collisions. I do not see the dire protection property
  • Space: I think you should choose a safe which contain a gun like the Glock 17.
  • Mountable: I am sure that the safe is small enough to be mounted in a wardrobe or desk drawer  because it will prevent children from using them.

Best Bedside Gun Case: Fort Knox FTK-PB

Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Handgun SafeThrough all the answers and my research, I think Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Handgun Safe ($ 230) is the top choice. It meets and exceeds all the criteria I recommend for myself. you will not regret your decision if buy it and many my friends have had good feedback after buying it through my introduction.

  • Quick Access “Simplex” means that instead of a dial, biometrics or electronic keys, it uses mechanical buttons to provide good feedback and allows you to open the safe for about 2 seconds.

You just need to do 2 stages: code and rotate in a clockwise direction. For example, you would press button 1 and 3 buttons simultaneously. Nextly, you press the 5th button.

In addition, you also can enter the code and rotate the button but you are not really open. Therefore, you can access fastly at night if you open it before you go to bed.

  • Reliable: I do not want my product use batteries like the safe use biometrics or electronic lock. It is no reading errors and no beep so that it won’t create danger for you. This is a lifetime warranty.
  • Full protection: most safes are usually heavy (~ 20 lbs) because it has 10 parts and 3 doors are made from steel. You can be assured if it fell off a truck, or being attacked by a hack because it has a good defense.
  • Space: You still have plenty of space if you placed the Glock 17 in safe

There are also two layers of foam inside the safe. Therefore, you can  add a gun or more in there if you want.

  • Mountable: 4 drilled holes in the bottom to install easily.

It’s not perfect, but it’s quite perfect. Because it has a few small defects but it can be a big hurdle for you.


It is damaged by water quickly. My wife put GunVault QuickVault & 1000Sa cup of cold water on the safe surface. Then, not only does it leave a trail of water on the surface but also it also penetrates and damages layer of foam underneath my gun. But you can cut that part easily, it will not affect the quality of products.

Pretty Good Bedside Gun Safe: GunVault QuickVault & 1000S

These products have good quality but at a low price. The GunVault QuickVault ($ 140) and GunVault 1000S ($ 100) is the leading product for the electronic lock safe.

  • Quick access: You can quickly access in about 1.5 seconds.
  • Reliable: In my opinion, it is not totally reliable as the Simplex safe, but it’s enough to give you confidence. However, you must always remember to turn off the audio mode and unlock it before going to bed.
  • Full protection: tight fittings and steel thick enough against thieves and curious visitors. In fact, they are combined by 12 million wire so it can prevent the almost attacks of someone
  • Space: If it can fit into a size of about 1900 style pistol, it will matching model Glock 17. In addition, it also available for smaller or larger storage needs .
  • Mountable: Many drills on the side of a safe will help you put them in places such as closets, school desk, at the foot of the sofa.

You can also choose to be the most popular products of the Amazon: Stack-On PDS-500 ($40). Because it is quite expensive, so you must be aware of its disadvantages.

Budget Bedside Gun Safe: Stack-On PDS-500

  • Reliable: In my opinion, it is not completely reliable . In the evening, I opened the safe, and I find I forget to press the “*” after entering my code. So the knob does not work if you move in a clockwise direction. Then, I had to turn back clockwise to reset, go on entering the code and rotates in a clockwise direction. It’s a bit complicated.
  • Full protection: You don’t have to worry about safety, because with a structure made of steel, it has hard enough to prevent most of these attacks.  Although it is quite heavy (~ 10 lbs), it has a small design so you can carry anywhere except places prohibit you using guns
  • Space: it may contain one or two Glock pistol
  • Mountable: it had many bottom mounts


Finally, I hope that I helped you with some tips for choosing safe bedside gun.  Good luck

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