Many people choose to have stone bricks to make their home look more interesting. The bricks give the vice of home and cozy feel. However, stone bricks are not only expensive but they also have another drawback, since maintenance and cleaning are required.

One way to clean your stone brick wall or other stone brick fixtures is to use water and soap. It is not hard for water to wash away some easy dirt and dust. Detergent soap when added to water can also make sure the cleaning work more thoroughly.

Tips for cleaning

Tips in cleaning stone bricks in your home

  • You can also make cleaning more effective buy using some dirt remove objects like scrubs. However, you should not use very hard scrubs; instead soft scrubs should be used with stone brick walls to avoid leaving scratches. Only use hard scrubs for persistent dirt or outdoor bricks.
  • However, there are cases that you can not use just soap and water to remove all the hard dirt on the bricks. You can try to spend a lot of time and effort to remove the unwanted dirt you’re your decoration but it simply does not go away. Hence, we would like to talk about some more potent ways to fight the stubborn dirt.
  • If you want a better and more thorough make over of your brick walls, you can never forget to use power washing. In this way of cleaning, you will use pressure to remove and eliminate stains that refuse to go away with other cleaning methods. However, using power washing can be good to eliminate the dirty surface, yet it is not so good since it can remove the fillings between grouts and stones.  Another risk that you might have to face when using power washing is that water will get into any small cracks which then make the walls be more susceptible with harsh weather such as snow, wind and rain.
  • In order to minimize such damage, you can reduce the pressure released from the power washer. Only choose the minimum level of PSI or a pressure at which dirt and stains can be removed. Always avoid using the highest level of pressure. It is important to make sure that you are washing away dust and stains not the surface layer of the bricks, make sure that it does not suffer from any damage.
  • Power washing is most popularly used with areas that are prone to algae like stone bricks water wall fountains. It is very hard to clean manually if the wall is covered with algae. However, if you paint the bricks for decoration, you should watch out for the power wash, since the pressure can remove not only dirt but also your beautiful paint.

In addition to cleaning, you can minimize the need for doing with your home features; you should add some extra protection to prevent them from being torn and wore out. Even though bricks are one of the sturdy materials which are good with pressure and weight, yet its surface is not built to withstand marks and scratches. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you do not drag heavy objects over the top of the brick floor.

Whenever color liquids are spilled accidentally on the floor, it is best to clean them immediately. Some chemicals and color from the liquids can be absorbed in the bricks and change the bricks color.